Two jolly looking ladies

Yesterday, I received an email  from Matthew at WordPress.com who is attempting to explain the difference between “promoting your business” (which is permitted on your blog) and “advertising” (which isn’t). On examining the message more closely, I discovered that Matthew is a “Happiness Engineer”.

Now, there’s nothing I like better than a really good job title – I once had a letter from Tesco’s Baked Bean Consultant, but that’s another story.

One of the reasons that Matthew’s job title caught my eye is that there had been a news item on Radio 4’s PM programme about a government scheme to survey the happiness of the nation.

Happiness, it seems is the new economics. Gross National Product is so last century; what really matters is Gross National Happiness.

As one of the long term unemployed I feel that I ought to be unhappy, but I’m not.