Blue John (calcium fluoride)There was a point at about half past eight this evening when I suddenly stopped feeling like death warmed up. It was as if I’d broken through a barrier in the transition from the non-working life to the working life.

At the beginning of the week, one of my main concerns was how I would manage to fit in all my non-work activities. This has been achieved partly by either cancelling them or putting them on hold (a viable option, given the short term nature of the job).

However, there are some things that can’t be cancelled. What I’ve found, is that, in many ways, it’s been easier to get things done. I find that having a limited amount of time makes me more self disciplined.

You put the washing on because, if you don’t,  you won’t have  anything suitable to wear on Monday and you can’t go to work in a holey jumper and an old pair of jeans.

This evening, I knocked off an essay plan on “Fluorine as a Halogen” in about an hour – last week it would have taken the best part of a day. Of course, it may not be a very good essay plan and the title doesn’t give much scope for creativity – why not “Fluorine and Spelling Reform” or “Fluorine as a Contributory Factor to the Current Financial Crisis”?

Come to think of it, I once went to a lecture about fluorine when I was in the sixth form. The idea was to give us a taste of university life , so we all trogged off to a lecture theatre in the University Science Area. It was brilliant. Wish I’d taken notes.