Ladder going into atticWhere was I? Oh yes, drowning in stuff. The BBC (Big Book Clearout) had ground to a halt because the bookshelves in the living room were blocked by my parents’ stuff  (see previous post) and the bookshelves in the front bedroom were blocked by the boxes of decorating stuff. The decorating stuff couldn’t go back in the loft because there wasn’t any room, despite the fact that that’s where it all came from in the first place.

So today I tackled the loft. I found some plastic shelves which I’d originally used back in 2005 when I’d had even more stuff in storage. Happily, they fitted neatly into the gap between the wall and the rafters and I began to sense the slightest possibility of success. Emboldened, I headed off to B&Q to seek out additional shelving.

Now this was a bit risky as it’s the Saturday of a bank holiday weekend and there was a good chance that the world and his wife would be heading off to B&Q. On the other hand, they might have realised this and decided not to bother or (double bluff), they might have thought that most people wouldn’t bother because of the crowds and … Anyway, I decided to risk it. There was no traffic jam, no crowds and I managed to get some shelves in the sale.


It struck me, as I was manoeuvring around the rafters, trying to avoid a) bashing my head and b) falling through the hole, that this was probably not unlike life below deck on a wooden ship (except that people had to actually live in those conditions for months on end and cope with the added complication that the whole thing was constantly on the move).

Readers will, no doubt, be fascinated to hear that the loft is now a shadow of its former, chaotic, self and is starting to take on an orderly appearance. You could even say that it was beginning to look satisfyingly shipshape.

Images : The camel picture is taken from an old postcard (WW2 or earlier, copyright believed expired)