So, on Thursday I applied for a job. On Friday morning I got a call asking me to go to the agency’s office in the city centre to talk about the job and do the paperwork. If successful, I would have to start on Tuesday. This meant cancelling/ rearranging my three voluntary jobs (competency demonstrated : flexibility).

passportThe rest of the morning was spent doing a set of mandatory online tests. In the afternoon I went down to the agency where I produced my passport, calculated (with some effort) my age (competency demonstrated : numeracy) and signed on the dotted line. There was also an opportunity to find out a bit more about the job and discuss the sort of work that I might be interested in.

Meanwhile, I realised that the software that I would be using has probably been updated a couple of times since I last used it and, more worryingly, “improved” in the special Microsoft sense of the word. Happily, I was able to download a trial version of the latest version and brush up my skills (competency demonstrated : problem solving).

Now it’s just a question of waiting for a phone call. Still, at least I’ve got through passport control.