Bicycle wheels (shadow)So there I was, in the car park with a flat tyre and a flat mobile phone battery. And, yes, it was one of the new tyres that I’d had to buy two weeks ago after one of them almost caught fire. So anyway,  I pottered over to Tesco’s, who had a public phone and called Green Flag, who assured me that there would be somebody with me within the hour.

Two and a half hours later, the man from Green Flag turned up. I had spent the intervening time doing the Times concise crossword, drinking coffee and studying the behaviour of the car park’s suprisingly rich bird life.

This morning I crept down to the garage clutching to the unlikely hope that the tyre had been faulty in some way and could therefore be replaced under guarantee. It wasn’t faulty – it had nail in it and it was wrecked.

So I drowned my sorrows by walking into town and taking some nice photos. Look out for the misletoe on one of the trees (I know it’s not Christmas, but the mistletoe doesn’t).

2012 03 20 Oxford Spring 0012012 03 20 Oxford Spring 0082012 03 20 Oxford Spring 0062012 03 20 Oxford Spring 0052012 03 20 Oxford Spring 0042012 03 20 Oxford Spring 003
2012 03 20 Oxford Spring 002

Spring in the city, a set on Flickr.