Spectaclesthe rain has gone.

A couple of weeks ago I realised that I was struggling to read and was obliged to take a break from both books and the internet.

Although it’s less than a year since my last sight test, a new test showed that my eyes had changed significantly and it was with some relief that I collected my new spectacles yesterday.

I should probably explain that I have reached my Professor Branestawm phase. (The good professor, you may recall, had separate pairs of spectacles for sleeping, thinking, inventing, eating his breakfast etc. and a special pair which he used for looking for his other spectacles).

Although I can cope with breakfast, I do actually need five pairs glasses. One pair for distance, a pair of distance sunglasses (for driving), a pair of occupational bifocals (for reading a computer screen and looking at the keyboard), a pair of reading glasses and, you guessed it, an old pair that I use for looking for my other glasses.