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25 days and three phone calls later, I had still not heard anything so put finger to keyboard and sent an email.

Sent: 30 October 2012 21:24
To: Eye Hospital (RTH) OUH
Subject: Missing appointment

On 5th October 2012 I was seen by Mr Salmon at the glaucoma screening clinic. Mr Salmon gave me a note requesting an appointment with one of his colleagues, which I handed to a receptionist at the Eye Hospital.

As no appointment was forthcoming, I followed this up on the 17th, 22nd and 24th October 2012 as follows:

17th October: spoke to the appointments helpline and was transferred to the Eye Hospital –  they had no record of a further appointment and promised to obtain my notes so that an appointment could be arranged.

22nd October: phoned again – the person I spoke to on the appointments helpline emailed Mr Salmon’s secretary

27th October : phoned again – I was put through to the Eye Hospital who said that they would  obtain my notes so that an appointment could be arranged.

I have still not been given an appointment and nobody has got back to me to let me know what is happening.

This is an appalling level of customer service.

Please let me know, no later than 18:00 on Thursday 1st November 2012. what action you have taken to resolve this problem.

 Yours faithfully, etc.