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Residents Only - Just KiddingIt seems that Oxfordshire County Council really does have courteous and attentive staff (we sort of knew that) and that my online enquiry had not simply been swallowed by the Complaints System, never to be seen again (we didn’t know that).

I only submitted my rant polite enquiry about the appearance of a mysterious sign at the end of my road on Friday and by this afternoon, Stephen-from-Traffic was on the case. Once he’d gathered a bit more information we agreed that I would upgrade my enquiry to a complaint, which he would pass on.

Sent: 12 November 2012 15:51
Subject: Residents’ Only Parking

Further to our telephone conversations of this afternoon –

Firstly, thank you for getting back to me so promptly and for your efforts in tracing the background to the sudden appearance of a “Residents Only Parking” sign at the entrance to [my road].

I understand from you that the sign may have been put up to deter people using the nearby swimming pool from parking in the road and also that it is not legally enforceable.

As discussed, I would now like this to be treated as a formal complaint, my key points are as follows:

1.       a) Is there any evidence to support a claim of nuisance parking related to the swimming pool ? Is there a record of the dates and times when the alleged nuisance occurred? Are there any photographs? Any statements about specific problems? A history of complaints?

In the 13 years that I have lived here, I can only recall two or three occasions where this has happened and it has never been more than a single weekend in a year, when there has been a special event at the pool.

b) If there is a nuisance, surely it would make more  sense to for the pool to liaise with the Council to forestall potential parking problems in relation to major events – a permanent restriction looks like a sledge-hammer to crack a nut.

c) Isn’t the swimming pool, in any case, due to close?

2.       Why was there no consultation with residents before erecting the sign?

3.       The logic of restricting parking to residents suggests that people parking in the road need to be able to demonstrate that they are residents (or visiting people who are). If there is not, in fact, any legal restriction, then the sign is meaningless (some might say dishonest). Perhaps the words “just kidding” should be added for clarification.

to be (sigh) continued …