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Abandon hope all ye who enter hereI think I may be losing the will to live.

This morning, I had an update from Stephen-from-Traffic confirming that my complaint about the mystery road sign was in the system and had been assigned a reference. He also told me that the County Councillor responsible for the sign would be at a Residents’ Association meeting tonight and suggested that it might be helpful to go along.  Which I did.

So the situation is this (I think). Someone contacted the councillor to complain about parking, so the councillor organised a sign. However, because there was no consultation (too expensive), this is illegal.  Since someone (me) has now asked about the lack of consultation, the councillor will have to arrange for the sign removed.   No. I don’t understand either.

The same councillor also admitted to illegally extending double yellow lines on the same cavalier basis. Quite how you distinguish between double yellow lines that have the force of law and those that are basically just street art is anybody’s guess.

Anyway, we established yesterday that the “Residents Parking” sign doesn’t create any legally enforceable parking restrictions and, thanks to a council official who also attended the residents’ meeting, I can now reveal exclusively that there are hundreds of these signs all over the place. On hearing this, the phrase “Freedom of Information request” bounded unbidden into my consciousness, but I managed to suppress it.

The upshot is that I’m going to let my complaint stand and run its course (if you see what I mean). I’m simply not convinced that contacting 20-odd households to find out whether there is any evidence of a problem is really that complicated or that expensive (if it is, then there’s something wrong with the process). Public bodies should act on the basis of objective information and operate within the law.

Last updated: 14th Nov 2012 10:10-ish