BusHere’s a story that you won’t have read about. It happened three or four years ago, but it’s a cracking story and links in with a couple of the more highly publicised stories of 2012.

One morning, I was travelling work on the bus – packed in sardine style so that you had to think about whether there was enough space to breathe, let alone move.

Further down the bus, there were two children aged, perhaps 5 and 7, jammed in by the door. Suddenly, the younger child, a boy, started to say the word “dustbin” over and over again: “dustbin”, “dustbin” “dustbin” “dustbin” ….. You could feel the tension rise as normally law abiding citizens started to consider their defence. Provocation, perhaps? or temporary insanity? Where was the mother? (Keeping a low profile, if she had any sense). Nobody said anything, of course – we just suffered in silence and prayed that they would get off at the next stop.

lipsAnd then a miracle happened. The miscreant’s sister turned to her brother and said “If you don’t stop that, I’ll kiss you”. Problem solved.

Images: Lips – Microsoft clip art