I am Desert Island Discs‘* worst nightmare. Basically, if I was abandoning ship in the middle of the South Pacific, my thoughts would not automatically turn to rescuing key elements of my almost non-existent CD collection.

However, since it would be churlish to turn down an opportunity to pursue my modest career as a media personality (PM, You and Yours), I might be persuaded to make one or two musical selections. It’s fair to say that these would include generous dollop of Simon and Garfunkel (and not just The Sound of Silence). Oh dear, another throwback to the 1960s – although my personal timeline puts them firmly in the early 1970s.

Kodachrome slidesThinking about the 1960s sent me rummaging about in my photographic collection which includes a lot of slides. One thing lead to another and I decided that it might be a good idea to sort out my slides and scan the better ones. So, anyway, I ordered a slide scanner from Amazon and did a few test scans. Unfortunately, it turns out that the scanner doesn’t do Kodachrome, so I’m spending today at home waiting for the man from Yodel to take it back.

Not sure whether the appropriate musical accompaniment is Kodachrome or Slip Sliding Away.

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Desert Island Discs is a programme on BBC radio. The scenario is that a guest imagines that they are shipwrecked on a desert island and are able to rescue 8 records (the programme originated in the days of wind up gramophones), a book and a luxury.