Radcliffe Infirmary

Radcliffe Infirmary (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

I was doing my regular stint at the Record Office Oxfordshire History Centre today. Another regular volunteer is working on photographs which form part of the Health Archive and, because I’m nosey fascinated by photographs, I like to see what he’s working on.

To be fair, a lot of the pictures are pretty unexciting – publicity photos from the 1970s of unnamed staff clutching giant cheques or pictures of the fountain at the old Radcliffe Infirmary (it’s a very good-looking fountain, but there must be zillions of pictures of it floating around on the internet).

Today was different. Today there were the original hospital photographs (in their original envelope) of Albert Alexander, the first patient to be treated with penicillin injections.  Definitely a “wow” moment.