Polling station signIt’s election time! This week sees, amongst other things, the County Council’s quadrenniel election (all seats up for grabs). It will be interesting to see what the turnout is as, even those of us who would really quite like to vote, are having difficulty in finding out who is standing; let alone what their policies are.

After some heavy googling, I have managed to find out who my local candidates are and what they have to say for themselves. So, for the benefit of anyone who is still searching, this is they way to do it (“oh yes it is!”):

1. Find out which electoral division you are in from the Boundary Commission

2. Find out which candidates are standing in your division from the County Council website

3. Look up the candidates on their party websites. The websites for the four parties contesting the division where I live are:

Disclaimer: Parties are listed in alphabetical order of party name – candidates from other parties (and independents) are standing in other divisions, but this is a blog, not a public information service.