Friends in Christ Church Memorial GardenA lazy Sunday afternoon and an opportunity to catch up with old friends, at least one of whom I haven’t seen since – ooh – Wednesday. Seriously though, it was great to meet up with everyone – especially Chris M. who I really haven’t seen for a seriously long time (10 years, possibly longer).

2013 08 18 Christchurch Meadow 002Coffee at Mortons, lunch at The Nosebag, a leisurely stroll round Christ Church Meadow (it was quite a big lunch) and all topped off by ice cream at George & Danver’s (Danver is the dog) and promises to not leave things so long next time.

Admittedly, all that food and exercise left your correspondent having to spend several hours in the recovery position (on the sofa with a coffee in one hand and the remote in the other), but it was worth it.

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