SSE vanYesterday Scottish and Southern Electric (SSE) put their prices up by 8%. Today I switched my supply to … drum roll … SSE. After spending a good hour doing all the research and comparisons and a few minutes filling in information that they’ve already got I’ve signed up to a different tariff which means that I’ll pay exactly the same for gas and electricity as I do at the moment.

Well, it wasn’t quite the best deal. The cheapest variable deal could save me £88 per year, but there’s a large orange warning about “a substantially disproportionate amount of bad feedback” . The best non-orange-warning variable deal (Sainsbury’s) promises £66 per year plus £30 cashback, but, of course, they may put up their prices and there’s an early exit fee of £60 if you don’t stay for a year. So, perhaps a fixed tariff would be best. Four-year deals are £60 per year more expensive in the short term, but you could save if prices went up by more than 10% per year.

It was beginning to looks as if  short term fixed capped might cut the mustard. The best deal saves £53 per (year plus £30 cashback), but has an orange warning. The next best deal promises £48 per year (plus cashback), has no orange warning, but some customers have reported problems with the supplier.

By taking the next tariff (the SSE one), I pay the same as I’m paying now (but save £40 a year on the increased price), don’t get £30 cashback but might get some M&S vouchers (currently £10 per year – more if I save energy), although I’m not sure whether this applies to the new tariff, but, to be honest, I’m beginning to lose the will to live.

Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!

There’s  also the reassurance of continuing to deal with a company with which I’m generally satisfied, despite this year’s difficulties. Regular readers will be delighted to know that the cable causing the power failures which we’ve been experiencing since May finally blew up at the beginning of September (i.e. it went “bang” and blew a manhole cover off so that they could tell where the problem was and send lots of vans and men to dig a hole and fix the problem).

SSE van Although it took a while to sort out, the general level of customer service and response was good and the whole experience highlighted just how much we take a reliable power supply for granted – and how much goes on behind the scenes to keep it that way). And yes, I know that SSE are the people who actually supply the electricity in this area regardless of who you actually buy it from (is anybody’s head starting to hurt at this point?), but the service from one part of the company tends to reflect well on the company as a whole.

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