Preacher in pulpit (Lego)Regular readers will be fascinated to learn that your correspondent’s blog has been quoted from the pulpit. To be precise, the pulpit of the First Unitarian Church of Louisville, Kentucky.

Last Sunday’s sermon was on the topic of “Women in Science” and as well as a nice mention of Ada Lovelace (one of my computing heroines), there was also a quotation from your correspondent’s theological insights into the vexed topic of gender and Lego (Lego – an everyday story of mini folk“).

With the honourable exception of the Surgeon and the Zookeeper, the female characters are a collection of stereotypes that would make Jeremy Clarkson blush. They include ‘Cheerleader’, ‘Hula Girl’, ‘Kimono Girl’ and ‘Viking Woman

Okay, perhaps more insight than theology.

“Women in Science” A sermon by the Rev. Dawn Cooley Delivered at First Unitarian Church, Louisville, KY on October 13, 2013
“Lego – an everyday story of mini folk”