Petworth House is a National Trust property in West Sussex.

The main feature is an extensive collection of paintings – I particularly liked Turner’s paintings of hulks – there’s something about ships in old age.

Also worth seeing is the Carved Room (Grindly Gibbons) and the former kitchen and servant’s quarters which also incorporates a better-than-NT-average tea shop.

At the moment there is also an exhibition showing the history of the estate as revealed by recent archaeological digs. The exhibition also gives a step by step account of how the estate grew from a small manor house to the extensive walled park (basically they just kept appropriating neighbouring land).

Anyway, here are the pics.

Petworth House, a set on Flickr.

Petworth House :  Marble roomPetworth House : Autumn colourPetworth House : WoodpeckerPetworth House : ConkerPetworth House : FungiPetworth House : Tree
Petworth HousePetworth HousePetworth HousePetworth House :  Marble roomPetworth House :  Marble roomPetworth House :  Embroidery
Petworth House : PaintingPetworth House : PaintingPetworth House : ChapelPetworth House : ChapelPetworth House : ButterflyPetworth House : Nice pig
Petworth House : Nice pigPetworth House : Nice pigPetworth House : MetalworkPetworth House : MetalworkPetworth House : MetalworkPetworth House : Metalwork