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Dungeon Frankenstein Monster

“… and how would you rate SSE’s customer service?” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SSE have now written to say that they’ve reduced my direct debits for gas and electricity back to the previous level. So, to recap, after a great deal of effort on my party and dodgy dealing on their part, we are both back where we were a year ago.

But the fact remains that it shouldn’t be like this.

Especially, there shouldn’t be a system where people pay less for heating and lighting based on home-ownership, access to the internet, education and willingness to make a fuss.

And there shouldn’t be a system where people pay more because they’re tenants, because they’re old and prefer paper bills, because they’re digitally excluded,  because they can’t negotiate complicated price comparisons or because have they have difficulty reading or understanding the letters that energy companies send them.

As far as the dubious business practices go, I tried to raise the matter with Ofgem (I’m very keen on active citizenship), but it turns out that they don’t really like being contacted by the public (which may explain a lot), so I wrote to my MP instead.

To be continued …