Edinburgh CastleI’m not much given to tears and only rarely by public events.

I cried over live TV pictures of people physically tearing down the Berlin Wall – tears of joy and disbelief. I’d grown up in a world where the division between East and West – between communism and democracy –  had been so fundamental and permanent and here it was, literally, changing in front of my eye.

I’ve no axe to grind over the Scottish Referendum. If the Scots vote for independence, then so be it – my only wish would be that the British Government would throw its weight into making the ensuing transition as efficient and equitable as possible (though given the level of political incompetence demonstrated to date, I wouldn’t put money on it).

One thing I am sure of is that, if and when Independence Day dawns, I shall wish Scotland joy and success, but it will be a day tinged with sadness and a sense of loss and, yes, I may cry a little.