JR Echo Clinic machineRegular readers (if there are any left) will remember the incident back in July when I didn’t have a heart attack.

Although everything appeared to be fine the ultra cautious folks at the Churchill decided that I should have my heart checked anyway just to make “really, really sure” that there wasn’t anything wrong.

JR Echo clinic waiting roomSo, on Tuesday, I went up to the Echo Clinic (I am not making this up) at the John Radcliffe. As you will see from the photo, the waiting area was full to bursting and bustling with activity.

The test involved removing my (ahem) “toppings” and being connected to a whizzy electrical gadget that checked the structure and function of my various heart valves. It was fascinating – you can actually see your heart on the screen and, even better, you can hear the blood slushing and wooshing. Brilliant.

In December I get to go to the Cardiology Arrhythmia clinic. One more and I get a set of steak knives.


As they were also worried about my toe, I had to go for an x-ray. Turns out that it was broken (which is what the GP said), but it turns out that people are always breaking their toes and you can’t do anything about it – they just fix themselves over time.

*foot-note – get it?