2015 05 31 Circus South Park 036The circus had finished for the day. Two more performances and they would pack up and move on to Glasgow.

First impressions of the circus at rest on the first real summer evening of the year were of a self-contained mobile village nestled at the bottom of Headington Hill. As you get in among the trucks, tents and mobile horse boxes, you start to understand something of the technical complexity of the behind-the-scenes operation.

2015 05 31 Circus South Park 026Moving further up the hill gives a different perspective as the tents, caravans and meticulouly coach-painted lorries take on the aspect of a child’s plaything. The panorama of circus tents, trees hanging in mid-air like so much lush green summer fruit, the inevitable dreaming spires and the hills beyond form a complex but harmonious visual whole with a timeless, painterly quality.

2015 05 31 Circus South Park 014And, of course, I took some pictures. Enjoy.

See photos on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/58839195@N02/18302313229/in/album-72157654059243961/