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RMS India (P&O)

RMS India (later HMS India) in happier days

The internet is a strange old place.

In November 2012, I posted an article entitled My Grandfather’s Bath  (it seemed like a good idea at the time) about the sinking of the armed merchant cruiser HMS India in August 1915 – the article itself had it’s origins in a throwaway remark in a prvious article.

Since then , there’s been a lot of response from relatives of some of the men who survived and some who didn’t. Although I find it difficult to get caught up in the official commemoration of the First World War, these individual stories retain their power and act as a reminder of the long term impact of that, and every, war on individual lives and succeeding generations.

The latest development is the revelation that someone has a large collection of photographs showing life in and around the Norwegian internment camp where the survivors sat out the rest of the war. This contributor has now kindly scanned and uploaded these pictures which present a fascinating and unusual picture of the First World War.

They can be found at : https://www.flickr.com/photos/134512439@N08/

The original blog post and comments can be found at My Grandfather’s Bath