2015 09 15 Adam Buck Exhibition WFDear Miss Austen would, I venture to suggest, have been amused, nay, scandalised by the decision of The Ashmolean Museum to link her name in the public prints with that of Mr Adam Buck, the not-very-well-known artist.

Mr Buck was, no doubt, a very respectable gentleman, despite his decided inclination towards radical politics. There is, however, no doubt in the mind of your correspondent, that the two occupied quite different social spheres and were never formally introduced.

And although it is quite true that Mr Buck was a contemporary of Miss Austen, it can truthfully be stated that both were contemporaries of a great many famous and infamous individuals and, indeed, a great many other people that no-one has ever heard of.

Your correspondent is perplexed as to what could have possessed such a respectable and genteel insitution as The Ashmolean to publish such a scurrolous and misleading falsehood.

Still, it’s a jolly good exhibition and your correspondent has selflessly. and at great personal cost to her sensibilities, so far overcome her moral outrage as to pen a small review to which, dear reader, she now humbly and respectfully begs to draw your attention.

Review: An Elegant Society: Adam Buck, Artist in the Age of Jane Austen (Daily Info)