Hepworth Gallery

Hepworth Gallery

There’s something about Yorkshire and sculpture – perhaps it’s the landscape – not only has it produced two world class sculptors (Hepworth and Moore), but its well established sculpture park has now been supplemented by the Hepworth Wakefield gallery.

Anyone prepared to take their lives in their hands by negotiating Wakefield’s 1960s road system and navigating the rubbish blown environs of the railways station will be more than rewarded by the appropriately statuesque outline of the Hepworth Wakefield.

This is a gallery that would not be out of place in London, Manchester, Glasgow or even New York.

Everything is first rate – the location by the river’s edge; the architecture; the space; the content; the displays and the occasional window that gives you stunning views back to the town that gave it birth.

Hepworth Gallery

Although it’s named after local sculptor Barabara Hepworth and has a core collection of her work and memorabilia, it displays the work of several artists as well as having displays about the techniques of sculpture. Many of the works are from Wakefield’s civic art collection (it’s got one), but it’s supplemented by items loaned from national collections and special exhibitions.

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Hepworth Wakefield