“Unto Southampton do we shift our scene” (Henry V,  Act II, Scene 1, Line 43 -honestly, I am getting so cultured. Of course, Henry V only had to think about fighting the French and never had to do battle with the M3 or the M27 – if he had, he’s probably still be stuck behind an abnormal load outside Chandler’s Ford or wandering aimlessly round the Hampshire countryside looking in vain for a road sign back to the motorway. But I digress)

2016 06 28 IOW Needles Rocks 001

“If you look carefully, you can see Harfleur”

“Unto Southampton …” Well, this time last month, there wasn’t much scene to be seen in Southampton, so Julian, my host, headed off to the New Forest. Suddenly, we realized that we were not alone … (continued)