2016-09-27-cowley-road-oxford-3Oxford author Martin Pevsner writes about the real Oxford – or perhaps I should say, an Oxford that I would recognize as real – the places and people I come across on a day to day basis. This Oxford is literally a minute’s walk from Magdalen College’s iconic dreaming spire – just across The Plain and into Cowley Road – but it might as well be a million miles away.

Whilst reading Pigeons, I’ve been inspired to try and capture something of the spirit of the area on camera. It’s been surprisingly difficult. The best shots seemed be not to be out on the street,as I had expected, but taken in passing from the buses that run continually between the East and the City centre – full of light and reflection and slightly blurred.

“What is Cowley Road? Is it ‘bustling, cheeky, vibrant’, a glorious oasis of easy-going multi-culturalism or an area ill at ease with itself where you’re constantly having to watch your back?  …”  read full review on Daily Info at http://www.dailyinfo.co.uk/books/11590/pigeons-by-martin-pevsner