2016 09 02 London 013

I’ve been checking up on my general election choices – and so far, they’re a pretty uninspiring bunch. It doesn’t matter of course – the good folks of Oxford East would vote for an amoeba if it belonged to the Labour Party.


Anneliese (Labour) is a mother – I know this because the flyer tells me so. In fact the first thing it tells me is that her children were born in the local hospital.This is accompanied by a picture of Annaliese in front of her children’s school, a picture Annaliese with her children and her partner Ed and a picture of Anneliese with her baby in the chamber of the European Parliament.

So Annaliese is definitely a mother. She’s also an unelected member of the European Parliament (all MEPs are unelected), though whether she plans to carry on being an unelected MEP if elected to Westminster or will be replaced by another unelected MEP is not stated. A bit of research shows that she is a former university lecturer.

Annaliese also has some election pledges and sounds like a decent enough sort of person, which is just as well in the circumstances.


Larry (Green) is from Brooklyn and his brother is Bernie Sanders, the senior Senator for Vermont and wannabe POTUS – not sure about the relevance of this. Larry believes in the NHS, education, housing and insulation. I don’t know whether Larry is a mother – I’m guessing not – in fact, apart from having a famous brother, his flyer doesn’t tell me anything about Larry as a person. A bit of research shows that he is a former university lecturer. Again, he sounds like a decent person.

Liberal Democrat

Kirsten (Liberal Democrat) is an American, a concert pianist and believes in social justice. Kirsten is a mother, but seems not to have been a university lecturer.


Suzanne (Conservative) was a bit difficult to track down – Conservatives don’t generally bother to canvas in this neck of the woods. Suzanne is a medical doctor who seems to have focused on research – some of it in the Third World and works in the field of public health. She has been a university lecturer (√). Maternal status unknown.


Chaka (Independent) is even more difficult to track down. Chaka believes in affordable housing (everybody does) and CAPITAL LETTERS.