A friend who worked at The Ashmolean was talking to IT Support.

“What kind of Windows do you have?”, they asked.

“I’m not sure, but I think they’re sash.”

Which brings me rather circuitously me to this morning’s emails and the realization that I’d been trolled in relation to a comment about moving to a cashless economy. Window cleaners, builders and decorators were singled out as aficionados of this particular business model. No mention of drug dealers or car booters – perhaps they’ve moved up to contactless.

Your correspondent: My window cleaner accepts payments by BACS- much easier than cash or faffing about with a cheque in an envelope 

Troll: Mansion-dweller.

YC: Well, I suppose people in mansions do have to have their windows cleaned, but so do many elderly or disabled people or people who are afraid of heights. My windows currently cost £12 to clean – I imagine the Queen pays a little more.

For those of us who live in the 21st century, regardless of our housing situation, paying by direct transfer is quick and easy.

For a customer, it’s difficult to pay with cash if you’re not in (plus you have to get the cash in the first place), cheaper than a stamp.

For the window cleaner, they get paid quickly, don’t have the hassle of having to bank cheques and presumably run less risk of being targeted by thieves in the course of their work.