Checked the Times online this morning, as is my wont.

A story about the BBC deciding not to commission any more game shows caught my eye. Seems that they think it’s a tired format and and suffers from “testosterone overload” and laddishness (though the decision to revive The League of Gentlemen and The Alan Partridge Show hardly augur an age of gender-inclusivity).

106 people had already comments with a strong groundswell of support for Have I Got News for You (HIGNFY).

My incisive contribution to the great national debates du jour was to respond to the comment “Actually I was also hoping the BBC could swap Bake Off for Drop the Dead Donkey” with “How about Bake the Dead Donkey?“, which I thought was pretty good for half-past seven in the morning.

Anyway, I got a quite ‘Recommend’ (at 7:37), but by 08:14 my comment had been -erm- dropped..

Another nail in the coffin of free speech.