QuestionMarkLeaf.jpgIt started as a moment of delight when some leaves, caught by a sudden gust, swirled briefly upwards just like they do in cartoons.

Except that in cartoons they generally turn into something – a handsome prince or a witch or an autumnal “green man”. Or perform a narrative function such as drawing the hero/heroine’s attention to something important or guiding them through the forest to the hut of a kindly woodcutter.

Seeing this – experiencing this “brief moment of delight” triggered an involuntary torrent of words in an effort to capture the moment. Before I knew where I was I was writing a poem. Well, I say “writing a poem” – it would be more accurate to say “having poetic and not-so-poetic fragments popping into my head, demanding to be made into a poem”.

So that’s #thingtodo1. The urge to write is complicated by the competing instinct to observe and document the process. #thingtodo2. Meanwhile, a moment of creativity which has its origins in my Sunday night musings at G&D’s (where I may or may not have consumed a very small chocolate chip cookie) has left me with the beginnings of a short story which may or may not involve a time-travelling cow #thingtodo3, which, of course, is another process to be observed and documented #thingtodo4.

And, of course, #thingtodo1 is really more like #thingtodo1001. <sigh>.