2017 10 17 Ashmolean  Bodhittsava Bengal 900-1100.JPGThere’s a lot in the news at the moment about people trying to stop other people expressing a point of view that they don’t agree with.

Imagine my trepidation, then, when my less than flattering review of Imagining the Divine – the Ashmolean’s new blockbuster-ish exhibition seemed to be languishing, unloved and unpublished, in Daily Info’s in-box.

Could it be that they didn’t want to upset a local heavyweight cultural institution?

Not to worry. It was published today, along with a more positive take on things  and an email tactfully thanking me for a “beautifully reasoned review”, which is the nicest thing anybody’s said to me all week.

Having read Katy-from-Daily-Info’s review, I still don’t think that the Imagining the Divine curators have made their case, but they have prompted some thoughtful  and courteous debate and that, in the end, is what it’s about.

Read both reviews on Daily Info

Illustration: Bodhittsava , Bengal (900-1100) AD. This is on display in the main public galleries at the Ashmolean , but is of a similar type and period as some of the exhibits (you’re not allowed to take pictures in the exhibition)