“Uneducation”, according to something I read somewhere recently – and which I can’t now find – is a newish concept, if not yet the coming thing. As I understand it, the idea is closer to picking things up as you go along or something similar to “child centred” education.  I think that it works by being non-linear – not following a prescribed course in a prescribed order – taking a curiosity-driven scenic route, if you like, with stops to explore things that look interesting and notes-to-self to revisit places another time.

Having “got” Shakespeare, I’m now in the process of “getting” art.

In the past, I might have signed up for a course or set out on a course of reading – subject to the presence of a functioning library. Instead, I’m visiting galleries and exhibitions, takin gallery tours, listening to the back catalogue of National Gallery podcasts, watching a boxset about the world’s 30 greatest paintings (helpfully labelled in Dutch), learning to draw and picking up random bits of information from that nice young man in the gallery on the High Street whilst killing ten minutes before meeting a friend for lunch.

It’s all very fluid, very opportunistic. And sometimes you come across pieces of the jigsaw in unexpected and unlooked for places.