St Cross Hospital WorcesterLast Sunday, it was a delight, albeit a rather cold and wet one, to be introduced to The Hospital  of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty at Winchester, courtesy of J (architectural friend and cathedral enthusiast). The phrase “hidden gem” was invented for such as this.

Apart from some essential modernisation such as electricity and indoor plumbing, the 12th century church and 15th century almshouse are largely unchanged since they were built and are still used for their original purpose of providing community and alleviating poverty in old age.

St Cross Hospital Worcester - dining room

The church is basically a scale model of a Norman cathedral, but with the simplicity that comes with not having been constantly messed about with. As well as the architecture, I particularly liked the randomly designed wall tiles and a particularly nice 20th century window featuring Francis of Assisi and a particularly nice heron.

St Cross Hospital Worcester - chapel

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