Very Old CarsThe British Motor Museum is not a natural stomping ground for your correspondent, but, like many good things, it’s just off Junction 12 of the M40, so I popped in.

This was partly a follow-on from my recent visit to Nuffield Place, the former home of local motor moghul William Morris and partly to search out Morris’s legendary 1903 Pilcher bicycle.

It’s a very impressive museum and, also impressively, signing up for Gift aid will give you a year’s entry for the price of a single ticket. And there are an awful lot of cars.

Old cars, very old cars, fast cars, very fast cars (the kind you used to get small plastic models of in Sugar Puffs), star cars,  like your dad used to drive, cars you’re allowed to sit in to have your photo taken and just cars. And FAB 1 which is fast and posh and star.And a couple  of bikes. And a London bus.

My favourite things were the old cars and the Morris fire engine. And the Advice to Ladies

Motoring advice for lady drivers

“In her book The Woman and the Car Dorothy Levitt offered information and advice  on the subject of motoring to society ladies. Included was the recommendation that all ladies should carry a small revolver.”

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