I hope you are well and that you enjoyed the musical socks.

Thank you for your gift.

Radio Listing

I hope you will not be too disappointed when I say that I may just pop BBC Sounds in the attic for the time being and carry on using iPlayer, as it still works, does more things and doesn’t come up with random suggestions about what I might like to hear next. What sort of algorithm can’t work out that, if someone never listens to programmes in Welsh or Gaelic, the chances are that they don’t speak the language? Statistically, it would make more sense to suggest something in Polish.

Or I might re-gift it to someone I don’t much like.

Or take it down to Oxfam, although it may be one of those things that even Oxfam can’t sell.

Or give it to the poor, but fear that the poor wouldn’t want  it – especially if one of the reasons they’re poor is because they’ve already been dragged through the criminal justice system by your attack dogs at Capita for not having a TV licence.

I know it’s not polite to ask how much you spent, but on the other hand, it wasn’t your money, was it? It was our money which you helped yourself to with the aid of the aforesaid criminal justice system and Capita.

So, yes – I would like to know just how much all this cost. Me and a lot of other people, including a Parliamentary committee. But you are hiding coyley behind a loophole in Freedom of Information law and refusing to tell. Why would that be, exactly?

With much love from your affectionate niece,