We’ve all been there – “You’re welcome to take pictures, but no flash photography”.

Sometimes this is to prevent damage to fragile materials – fair enough – at other times, it’s to stop the shock and disruption caused by a sudden flash. This was the situation that I found myself in the other day when exploring HMS Victory.

The problem is that the further you descend into your average 18th century warship, the darker it gets, which means either very long exposure times, making it difficult to keep the camera still or that there is simply not enough light.

Left: using available light –  right: with mobile LED

One solution is to use the LED torch on your mobile phone (or even an actual torch) – this gives you enough light to take a picture, whilst avoiding the flash effect, and is sufficiently cool to give decent colours. It works best at close quarters.

2019 01 26 hms victory 051
“It works better at close quarters”