Dear Headteacher,

You will be only too aware of the increasingly negative impact of the “school run” on the surrounding area. In my own street, this includes hazards to public safety caused by parking on pavements and blocked access when drivers double park or park across resident’s driveways. On several occasions, when I and other neighbours have asked people to move, we have simply been told “but I’ve got to pick my kid up from school”.  I imagine that the situation is even worse around the school itself.

A group of neighbours is currently working with the Police and others to try and tackle the problem of anti-social parking from a number of sources – not just the school run. On Saturday, I had a useful conversation with local PCSO who mentioned that you have been making strenuous efforts to improve parental behaviour and to walk to school, but with little or no success.

There was an article in Monday’s paper about an initiative at Russell Scott Primary School in Greater Manchester which has led to a significant reduction in cars idling outside the school gates and a doubling of the number of children walking to school with corresponding benefits for air quality and public safety. The key to the project’s success is to take an educational approach and harness the “pester power” of the children.

I gather that the scheme is now being copied by a number of schools in the North West and Scotland and wondered if it might be something that your school might consider taking up. The Headteacher has published a guide on his school’s website:

“How to Guide: Running your own Junior PCSO Campaign”

Thank you for all your hard work.

Yours faithfully,