Buckingham Palace March 2018

The UK has become a very scary place over the last few days and, for once, it’s not about Brexit.

This may not be the 18th century, but the mob mentality is still alive and well and it’s not a pretty sight. The misogynistic vitriol – and it is misogynistic, not racist – aimed at the Duchess of Sussex is unbelievable.

It’s also – another feature of mobs – easy to be swept along by the crowd and develop instant opinions about the burning issues of the day including the marriage of two people most commentators have never met, where they should live, how they should live and how much money they should have. Only the latter – specifically how much, if any, money they should receive from the purse is really our business.

Harry didn’t choose to be born into the Royal Family.  You could argue that Megan chose to marry into it and may have misunderstood what was involved, but she married the man, not the institution. If he chooses to play the hand he’s been dealt and, like Princess Anne, can make a good job of it then that’s fine and he’s welcome to the perks. If he can’t hack it or just doesn’t like it then he should be allowed to leave the Royal bit behind, whilst still remaining part of the family (small “f”).

A gilded cage is still a cage.