In what has been by any standard a heavyweight news week, it may be worth reflecting on some of the lighter, not to say more intriguing items.

Winner of the “You couldn’t make it up” award on social media was the news that “Barnard Castle” is an old Durham saying meaning  “a coward” and “an expression often uttered when a person is heard making a bad excuse in a still worse cause”.

What you may have missed, unless you were scouring the Birthdays section of The Times is that yesterday was the 52nd birthday of  Torquhil Campbell, Duke of Argyll and (wait for it) Captain of Scotland’s National Elephant Polo Team.

So how does that work?

Is there a World Cup which involves polo playing elephants flying in – presumably by jumbo jet – from all the elephant polo playing nations?

How many sporting elephants are there in Scotland?

Is there a national league from which the finest players are selected? Can we expect to hear the results on the BBC sports roundup – “Paisley Pachyderms 5 – Trossachs Trunkies 2”?