This blog began in 2010 following redundancy and quite astonishingly early retirement.

Originally, the idea was to reflect on the experience of being female, middle-aged and out of work in recessionary Britain at the beginning of the 21st century. After a while it morphed into writing about whatever caught my eye or my imagination.

I write about politics, current affairs and social change and have a particular interest in homelessness. For the record, I don’t belong to or support any particular political party.

I also write about my interests Рold interests like photography (a lifelong passion), books, writing and films  Рand developing interests like theatre and art. Sometimes, I just write about my day.

Updated June 2017

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. rebecca Clarke said:

    Hello, I have left a few messages on your chats following the posts you’ve written about HMS India and your grandfather. I was wanting permission to use the photos of your grandfather in my book and was wondering if you could tell me his name and any other information that you might like to me to include. Thank you in advance, Rebecca

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