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Finding Sanctuary – Started 8th July 2018

How to give a TED talk – Started 13th April 2017  (before finishing other things – it’s lighter to carry) – not hugely inspiring. October 30th –– still unfinished.


The Wretched (Les Miserables), Victor Hugo – Started 23rd February 2018. How many pages?!!!!

Flash finished 9th July 2018.

Art Theory, A Very Short Introduction Finished January 2018

Art History, A Very Short Introduction -Finished January 2018


God on Silent – Started September 2017, finished December 2017

Untold Stories, Alan Bennett – Late September – mid-October 2017. A bit of a mix of memories, diaries and other odd bits with the occasional repetition. At his most interesting when he’s talking about being a writer.

SPQRMary Beard finished September 2017. First rate – superbly crafted – very accessible description of the alien world of ancient Rome and how it helped to shape all the worlds that followed. Currently on loan.

Hopper ( Edward Hopper 1882-1967 Visions of Reality)Ivo Kranzfelder
30th May 2017 – 11th June 2017. Really getting into this art business.

The Odyssey May 2017 – 25th June 2017

Helen of Troy, Bettany Hughes 11th April 2017 – 13th May 2017. A brick of a book, but totally brilliant

Henry VWilliam Shakespeare. April 2017. See Imaginary forces

The Iliad, Homer – men (and women and gods) behaving badly  – February 2017 – 6th April 2017. See Imaginary forces

The Cloudspotter’s Guide, Gavin Pretor-Pinney – finished 10th March 2017

Golden Hill, Francis Spufford Finished January 2017– review

2016 Daily and weekly

The Week (periodical)
The Times Online (newspaper)
The Guardian Online (newspaper)


The Temporary GentlemanSebastian Barry – finished December 2016 – very good and very sad

Days Without End, Sebastian Barry – finished December 2016  – small lives against a monumental backdrop – one of our greatest writers

The Paying Guests, Sarah Waters  – finished December 2016 – finely crafted tale of secrets and the trouble they cause

A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens – September 2016 personal favourite – Dickens at his best

Pigeons, Martin Pevsner – October 2016