March 2018

The Lost City of Z (Film, DVD)29th March 2019, Well reviewed at the time, but turned out to be a disappointingly dull and lazy film.

Goodbye Christopher Robin (Film, DVD) 24th March 2018. Dramatisation of the fictional childhood of a real boy whose childhood was famously fictionalised

Rembrandt – The 1974 Kenneth Clarke Lectures (DVD), March 2018.  The visual quality, especially the colour is of its time – an important factor when looking at paintings. Nevertheless, Clarke, a Rembrandt expert, gives a effortlessly masterly overview of the life and work of one of the greatest painters of all time.

Call the Midwife (TV), <<Sob>>

MinionsMarch 2018. A rewatching of this glorious romp through the potted history of the incompetently evil little yellow people, culminating in their adventures in Swinging London in which they steal the Crown Jewels and accidentally overthrow the British monarchy due to a misunderstanding over a sword in a stone. Priceless.


January 2018

Gravity, 21st January 2018 Hmmmm

The Little Norse Prince, 20th January 2018. Hmmmm

Howl’s Moving Castle,  19th January 2018 Astonishing.

November 2017

Private Life of a Masterpiece (DVD) Dutch version of BBC box set on the grounds that it’s ten quid cheaper than the English version and all you have to do is switch the subtitles off. Main series – totally brilliant. Bonus material with Simon Sharma, not so good – too much Simon and too much unnecessary dramatization.

April 2017

Dear Brutus review


Of Gods and Men

12 Years a Slave


March 2017


Macbeth (2015)  Starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, directed by  Justin Kurzel. the “Hubble, bubble” scene at the beginning is missing. How can you do Macbeth without the “hubble bubble” scene? Tedious – gave up after 42 minutes.

February 2017



Henry V (Kenneth Brannagh)


Art of France (TV) – documentary series – Excellent overview by Andrew Graham-Dixon (previous offerings have included Art of Scandinavia and Art of Italy)  packed into 3 expertly honed episodes, but it would be great to have a slightly longer series that goes into greater depth. It’s a shame that the BBC doesn’t have the vision to undertake a major in-depth project than just producing quick tasters – however exquisitely made.

Further Back in Time for Dinner (TV)  Sort of documentary series focusing mainly on food about a   well-to-do middle class family, the Robshaws, living through the early decades of the 20th century. It starts in 1900 then proceeds at a rate of a year a day. See full comment 




The Lost Libraries of Timbuktu (TV) – Fascinating documentary about the rich written heritage of a notoriously remote West African city that was once a an important trading crossroads and centre of learning.

The Moorside (TV) – drama – superb drama based on the true story of the fake kidnapping of nine-year-old Shannon Matthews by her mother in 2008

Timewatch: The British Empire: Heroes and Villains (Episode 4) (TV) – documentary

Treasure of the Indus (Episode 3) (TV) – documentary

TV – Regularly watching

24 Hours in A&E

The Bill )

Casualty – gloriously bad – guilty pleasure – the episode where Charlie Fairhead and Duffy got married (4th Feb 2017) was disappointingly below par – not a major disaster involving all three emergency services in sight.

Click  – Tech news from the BBC

Dragon’s Den 

GPs: Behind Close Doors

Taggart – “Gritty drama” in spades – it doesn’t get much grittier

University Challenge (TV)


January 2017


The Sapphires (film, TV)

Monsters University (film, TV) – not bad prequel , but not up to the standard of the original

Seven Years in Tibet , film, (TV) – well-intentioned, unfocused, tedious


Ceramics: How They Work (Episode 3) (TV) – documentary

Treasure of the Indus (Episode 2) (TV) – documentary

The Mayfower Pilgrims: Behind the Myth (TV) – documentary

Master’s Snooker (TV) – discovered snooker last year and am now completely addicted – not sure it’s really a sport, though

Horizon: How Big is the Universe? (TV) – quite big

Inspector Gently (TV)

School Swap: Korea (documentary,TV)

Sherlock (TV) – abandoned after first hour due to risk of dying of boredom – past its sell-by date

To Walk Invisible  – a dramatization of the lives of the Bronte sisters (TV) – even better the second time around – review

TV – Regularly watching

24 Hours in A&E (TV)

The Bill (TV)

Casualty (TV) – gloriously bad – guilty pleasure

Dragon’s Den (TV)

Endeavour (TV) – never a Morse fan, but quite like this. Why does nobody have an Oxford accent?

GPs: Behind Close Doors (TV)

University Challenge (TV)

2016 – Regularly watching

The Bill (TV)

24 Hours in A&E (TV)

Rebus (TV)

Waking the Dead (TV)

December 2016

Digging for Britain (TV) – archeology documentary

Cranford, with Judy Dench (TV) – suprisingly strong drama from lightweight original

Kung Fu Panda film (DVD) still awesome after all these years

Planet Earth II (TV)

To Walk Invisible  – a dramatization of the lives of the Bronte sisters (TV) – excellent – review

November 2016

The Human Story  – documentary series about human evolution (TV)

October 2016

Kubo and the Two Strings film (cinema) review

Surviving Aberfan – documentary, BBC4 (TV) reflection

September 2016

A Tale of Two Cities, play, Oxford Playhouse review

June 2016

The Wars of the Roses (The Hollow Crown Part II), Shakespeare’s History Cycle, BBC, 2016 (TV)

May 2016

An Age of Kings, Shakespeare’s History Cycle, BBC, 1960 (DVD)
Minionsfilm (DVD) – brilliant
The Silk Road  – documentary series (TV)

April 2016

The Herbal Bed, play, Oxford Playhouse review

King Lear, play, Oxford Playhouse review

Brand New Testament (Le Tout Nouveau Testament), film, Phoenix Cinema – good, if a little weird – actually quite weird 

The Hollow Crown, Shakespeare’s History Cycle, BBC, 2012 (TV)