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Map of PakistanAnother schoolgirl blogger, Malala Yousafzi (14) hit the headlines in October 2012. Unfortunately, the people she upset weren’t the pantomime villains of Bute Council but the Taliban – real villains who subscribe to the Maoist doctrine that “power comes out of the barrel of a gun”. Malala wrote a blog about the education of girls in Pakistan. The Taliban don’t like the idea of girls’ education, so they shot her.

Once again, the internet was alive with rage. The problem was that the Taliban don’t care what people sitting behind keyboards half a world away think. Instead, it was left to hand wringing politicians and useless international institutions to make fine sounding statements. So, yes, I signed an e-petition asking some branch of the UN to do something. But no, it ain’t going to happen.

Man with gun

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Fine words and well-meaning gestures aren’t going to shame the Taliban into doing the right thing or the Pakistani Government into facing up to the Taliban.

Last Friday, the Pakistani High Commissioner was on the radio, expressing his joy at the news that Malala was out of hospital and his relief that her family are now safely in the UK. What was missing was any mention of making Pakistan safe or doing anything to protect all the other education-hungry girls who want to go to school without being targeted by nutters with guns.