It was a simple enough plan. Your correspondent, a Shakespeare neophyte, would go to the launch of the new Oxford Complete Works introduced by no less than five distinguished professors who’ve given their lives to bardic studies and report on it. What could possibly go wrong?


Well, being a bit out my depth for one thing. But all was not lost. I had my ‘A’ level Eng. Lit. (grade D) to fall back on and, like all good grammar school girls, I’m very good at writing and regurgitating notes.


Shakespearean scholar Professor Sir Stanley Wells

I was quite pleased with the result, but, to my horror, the nice people at Daily Info asked me to “write a final sentence to finish it off”. I thought that I had finished it off, but obliged anyway. The strange thing is that they used the first version online (as well as not using my meticulously edited pics).

Anyway, here’s the review: –


For those Afterwork purists among you, the unpublished revised last paragraph reads:

“The evening started rather seriously and I was worried that it would be a bit heavy-going or even elitist, but as the editors got into their stride, their passion, enthusiasm and sheer love of their subject burst through. As a  result , the audience was left with the sense that, whilst The New Oxford Shakespeare represents scholarship at its best, it is scholarship in the service everyone who loves Shakespeare – a playwright for all seasons, all centuries and every kind of person.”