Some pigLike many people, my initial reaction to George Osbourne’s appointment to the editorship of The Evening Standard was one of disbelief followed by lots of things that can’t be repeated on a respectable family blog, but which may or may not include the feeding habits of a popular farmyard animal. It did seem to be taking the concept of a portfolio career to a new level.

But should we be so swift to condemn or should we be following George’s example?

The last time that I went to the Job Centre, I looked through the jobs (as you do) and was intrigued to find that they had a vacancy listed for a Professor of English at Oxford University. I was intrigued by this as I’ve always loved reading, did quite well in O Level Eng. Lit. and could write a pretty decent CV and covering letter when I put my mind to it. After a moment’s thought, I decided not to apply. George wouldn’t have hesitated. George would have gone for it. It wasn’t my lack of relevant experience or half a dozen degrees from prestigious universities that held me back – it was simple self-doubt.

George has shown us the way. If you’re stuck on JSA or in a dead end job, you too can transform your life by abandoning crippling, life-limiting self-doubt. Just decide what you want to do, take your chutzpah in both hands and go for it! The sky’s the limit!

Which reminds me … when I was a little girl I wanted to be an astronaut. Or a spy. Except that girls weren’t allowed to be astronauts, so there was no point applying. Could have been a spy though. Or a detective. I think I would have been quite a good detective.