2016 09 02 London 013

Waiting for the entirely predictable local election result on Friday morning, I reflected that this was an election which could have no satisfactory outcome. Now that the results are in, I think the same – a lacklustre election leading to a lacklustre result.

There were some highlights – the collapse of the nationalist vote in Scotland, not least the defeat of Alex Salmond. And there are more women MPs.

And some lowlights – I was sorry to see the departure of Nicola Blackwood from Oxford West – despite being a Tory, she seemed to be shaping up as a good constituency MP and taking on increasing responsibilities in Parliament. Her LibDem replacement is a parliamentary newbie, but looks to be very much in the same mould.

Oxford East voted Labour – it always does. To be honest, you wouldn’t really have wanted any of the other candidates to win. Sadly, the other parties just find somebody who’s prepared to stick their name on ballot paper – it would be nice to have a genuine choice.

Nationally, the Tories ran a disastrous campaign which meant that they didn’t get the strengthened hand that they’d hoped for to go into the Brexit talks. At least their toxic political advisers have had the decency to resign.

Labour, having copied the LibDems 2010 strategy of promising the earth to young voters on the grounds that they could say anything because they weren’t going to win, did better than anyone expected.

So what happens next?

Will Theresa May resign and would that, given that Brexit talks are due to start in 10 days, be a good idea? If she did resign, who would replace her? As I recall, she was the only plausible candidate last time round. Would they go for Boris or another of the public-schoolboys-with-a-sense-of-entitlement who got us into this mess in the first place? Or the runners up from last time – Michael Gove or that woman who thought that she was the best candidate because she was a mother.

Will a reinvigorated Labour front bench turn into an effective opposition? Might happen. You never know…

Why are our politicians so bad at politics?

My money’s on another General Election within the next 12 months – perhaps less. February? Of course, I could be wrong …