The Third Pig Detective Agency (bok cover)Back in the day, there was three little pigs who figured they could make a fast buck in the property business. Thing is, two little pigs (who were not exactly at the head of the line when brains was bein’ handed out) decided to cut a few corners building regulation-wise (if you take my meanin’). Bad move. Enter Mr Wolf. Huff-puff. Bacon time.

Turns out the third little big was the real brains of the outfit. Brick house. Wolfy ends up as toast. Pig opens detective agency.

So, one day, this Aladdin guy walks in. Now this guy was loaded – pretty much owned the town. Turns out somebody’s fingered some old lamp which he is very keen to get back. Weird. Anyways, piggy is “persuaded” (if you take my meanin’) to take the case quicker than you can say “oh no he ain’t isn’t!” and pretty soon finds himself up to his trotters in pig-sh*t, elves and enchanted forests with attitude.

OK, so The Third Pig Detective Agency ain’t exactly goin’ to give Philip Marlowe any sleepless nights, but as locked-room mysteries go it’s pretty ingenious – plenty of action and a few laughs along the way. Somethin’ to slip into the old lady’s Christmas stocking (or the old man’s – this bein’ an equal business opportunity outfit).

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