“Private schools organisation chief tells critics: stop indulging in toffism” – not exactly “Freddie Starr ate my hamster”, but, hey, this is The Guardian. Cue the outrage of middle-class class-warriors choking on their ethically-sourced breakfast tea.

One of the more repeatable comments was –

Does anyone know how much the state school average spend would be if the 628000 in private education decided to enter the state system and get free education?”

Well, if the state put the same total amount of money in as it does now, then the amount per pupil would be less.

If the state stuck to £6,000 per pupil, then the total cost to the public purse would increase by £3.768 million (628,000 x £6,000) – probably less, as you would need to exclude pupils from overseas. And then there would be the cost of providing the additional premises and other infrastructure.

Alternatively, the state could plan to increase per capita spending to the average level for a good private day-school. If we can ring fence overseas aid and defence spending, why can’t we set a minimum spend for education?

Source: Private schools organisation chief tells critics: stop indulging in toffism | Education | The Guardian