2018 03 02 Snow 01aWas my journey really necessary? Probably. The night shelter had to open, because closing it on account of the snow would sort of defeat the object.

Could it be achieved safely and sensibly? Yes, but the question was how? The worst scenario was walking and, since Friday evening wasn’t particularly cold, a combination of wrapping up and physical activity would mean that I didn’t freeze.

The buses were running, but waiting at the bus stop would be cold if I had to wait for any length of time. And the worst scenario might mean returning any time between 11:30 and 12:30 – although the buses run until about 2:30, but less frequently. And I would look an idiot carrying a snow shovel.

In the end, I decided to drive. The main roads were clear and I was confident of getting out of the side roads after carrying out an inspection on foot.

I wrapped up warmly, stuck the snow shovel in the car and the mats from my previous car (RIP) in the boot in case I got stuck in the snow and allowed plenty of time.

2018 03 02 Snow 05Half way there, I realised that there was something not quite right. Despite my meticulous planning, I had forgotten to change into my distance glasses and everything was – not to put too fine a point on it – a bit of a blur. Cue emergency spec change.

Otherwise, the journey was fine. One part of the most sensible route was reported as being inaccessible due to abandoned cars. I worked out a plan B, but as it turned out, the usual route, through a notorious rat-run was clear.

All the volunteers made it in, everything ran smoothly as usual and I was home by 10:30.

By the time I made the return journey to help close up in the morning, the snow had gone.