Cat in a bagAs the heat contines, it’s interesting to see how you gradually adapt. Human beings are indeed the problem solving species par  excellence  – unfortunately this often involves solving problems they caused in the first place, but that’s the nature of progress – two steps forward, one step back.

To begin with, it was about “getting by” or “sitting it out for a few days”. In my case, this involved staying put as  much as possible – opening windows when it was cooler outside than in, closing them when it wasn’t, finding cool places to sit, hugging a freezer block, spending the afternoon on the sofa dozing and watching a box set.

Another technique is to open all the windows when you first wake up and then go back to bed for a couple of hours (I keep the windows closed at night due to sensitivity to noise). I did this today. It was ok to begin with. Then I was treated to a full rendition of The Cat’s Duet, with encores, sung by real cats. And you wonder why I don’t like opera.